New curate for St Paul's and Whitworth

Anthony and Eline Smith

It has been announced that Anthony Smith will be the next curate of Whitworth and St Paul’s churches.

Anthony, who is married to Eline, a lab technician in the archaeology department at Newcastle University, is in his final year of ordination training at Cranmer Hall and will take up his curacy on the 30th June 2019.

Some people may recognise Anthony as he spent a short time on placement in the parishes in the summer of 2017. Anthony said: “I had the privilege of spending four weeks on placement in Spennymoor and Whitworth and grew to love the town and the churches during that time. So when the opportunity came up of returning there for my curacy, it wasn’t a difficult decision!

“I’m very much looking forward to serving in Spennymoor and Whitworth for the following three to four years, and to working with the vicar, the Revd Matt Tarling. We’re also very glad to be staying in County Durham, which is a beautiful part of the country.”

Please hold Anthony and Eline in your prayers as they prepare to move to Spennymoor and particularly as Anthony continues his training in Durham.